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Thursday, June 11, 2015


What I strongly love about Korean makeup brands is that they do lots lots lots of sales! Usually every brand has a membership sale day every month and they also do random sale promotions depending on the season or the trends in between the monthly sales. For example, almost every brand is doing the "sunscreen 1+1" at the moment as the summer is coming up.
A few days ago, Etude House had this promotion where you could get one eyeshadow and get one more for free and I ended up getting 6!! Even though I don't like skin care products from Etude House(I prefer Innisfree), I LOVE eye shadows and lipsticks from them because first, the price is amazing, second,the quality is amazing!

*BE102: This is a matte cream color. I realized I did not have any white or cream color that I can put on my eyes as a base and a highlighter. It actually doesn't show the color on your eyelids but it does the job of brightening and priming.

*BR403: This matte caramel shadow(and it's name is Caramel Latte haha) would be perfect as a transition color. Especially because I'm a monolid girl, it's always important to have matte brown eye shadows to make fake creases and build the "my eyes are deep like the ocean" effect.

*BE105: My favorite color! this is a shimmery beige color with a teeny tiny bit of pink tone in it. I think it's just a perfect everyday eyeshadow. You can wear it alone, which will give you a gorgeous and elegant depth and you can use it with darker colors for more dramatic looks. I just LOVE this color so much.

*OR210: Please let's take a moment and appreciate how beautiful this color is! I thought it was a burgandish pink color when I saw the picture of it on the website but it's actually more like orange(as you can tell from the shade number) but still definitely can see pink with gold shimmers. Ugh hard to describe this color. You just have to see this babe in person!

*BR401: This color is maybe not that special because it's a very common brown shimmer shadow that everyone's dogs and cats have in their makeup bag. It didn't amaze be to be honest but I bought it because it is one of the best sellers at Etude House and you know... it's like "oh... is it a best seller? then it must be amazing. I have to have it if everybody has it" haha. When I swatched it on the back of my hand at the store, I thought it would be one of the everyday go-to shadows that you can grab and apply without thinking too much and yes, it really is. But one thing you need to know is that when you put it on your eyelids, the color is more like gold rather than brown. It has a very strong yellow tone, so if you have a cool/pink toned skin, you wouldn't probably enjoy this color.

*BR402: It's a coppery dark brown color with gold shimmers. I like it but I realized I have to be very careful because it's a ted bit reddish and those reddish eyeshadows can make monolid eyes look even more smaller!

And here are the swatches! All of them are highly pigmented but you would want to use an eye primer for shimmery colors to prevent fall outs. It's not that bad you don't have to worry about it that much and let's be quite honest, they are like 3 bucks! A little bit of fall outs should be considered okay for 3 bucks.

Ugh I didn't know revewing beauty products would be this hard. Taking photos, editing, describing the colors and blah blah. I definitely need to learn more about photographs and Photoshop, and improve my poor English! Anyways I hope you guys enjoyed my review!


1,2,3- yup, life is always better with food
4- Dunkin Donuts Korea has collaborated with Smurfs this season and of course I could not resist the chance to get the cutest water bottle in the world!
5- I went on a little trip to the beach with my parents on Labor Day(May 1st). It was brief but I had a really great time with the fam and the nature.
6- I already own millions of canvas bags but it's pink! Pink is always right, right?
7- Coffee date with my bff
8- This is the beach from the pic #5
9- I love the sun stays up for a longer time now in summer but I still do adore the sunset because everything seems just a lot more beautiful!